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Remote monitoring for air conditioning

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Why choose remote monitoring klima-online

Easy and fast installation and commissioning

Availability from any device that is connected to the Internet

Clear visualization of the device operation and simple operation

Quick device fault diagnosis without service intervention

We have a solution for your comfort

You know it for sure - you are struggling with time, you are overwhelmed with work responsibilities and a disaster with broken air conditioning.

Fault information arrives before an emergency occurs during operation. This information will come to you and your service organization by email. Of course, the technician is not always at hand. However, the operator does yes and can remotely evaluate the severity and nature of the fault on the basis of records of equipment operation, propose a solution, and in many cases even eliminate the fault remotely without the need to exit. If a trip is really necessary, the service technician already has enough information about the fault and is immediately involved in the repair, not the lengthy diagnostics.

Save time and money and do not pay for unnecessary trips of a service technician