About the application

[Convenient connection]

Convenient connection

  • simple, fast installation and commissioning
  • clear visualization of the device operation, simple operation
  • online service from anywhere - from a mobile phone, tablet, PC, from work, from home
  • security of connection to remote server via VPN line
[Server klima-online]

Server klima-online

  • creating a user account - the number of accounts is not limited
  • server management by a professional IT team
  • regular monthly updates and server backups
  • fault messages sent by e-mail to the specified address
[Wide range of settings]

Wide range of settings

  • variable weekly settings according to the seasons
  • closure plans - reduction of operating costs
  • time schedules according to individual requirements
  • setting specific operating modes for short periods of time


  • optimization of equipment operation - higher comfort for you
  • optimization and reduction of operating costs by up to 1/3
  • possibility of supplementing with measurements of other values - humidity, pressure, CO2
  • remote equipment fault diagnosis, lower service costs